The Solution: Obsrv

Obsrv: A Resilient and Reliable Data Value Chain Orchestrator

The ideal solution to address the challenges in creating & operating a data value chain should have the following characterstics:

  • Retrieve data from diverse sources, comprehend various formats, and adjust to any changes.

  • Handle and store data without requirement of scripting or coding.

  • Facilitate data utilization for all scenarios.

  • Function reliably at any scale without necessitating modifications.

  • Orchestrate the optimal data value chain...

Obsrv brings together the best data tools and technologies, and seamlessly orchestrating their integration through extreme automation techniques. The outcome is an end-to-end low-code data platform that is not only reliable but also resilient across diverse data requirements. Over the course of seven years, Obsrv has evolved to effectively tackle a broad spectrum of challenges in data analysis and data engineering.

Functioning as an orchestrator of the Data Value Chain, Obsrv connects data to its inherent value.

Key Benefits of Obsrv include:

  • Unified Data Infrastructure: Obsrv is an end-to-end low-code data platform, facilitating integration of data from diverse sources, adaptable to changes and generating valuable insights.

  • Built-in Observability: Obsrv possesses innate observability, knows when the data breaks and avoids data down times, ensuring a continuous and reliable data flow.

  • Reliability by Design: Obsrv is engineered with extreme automation, ensuring seamless & reliable operation irrespective of the scale at which it is deployed.

  • Instant Data Utilization: Obsrv facilitates configuration for input data sources, transformations, and the entire pipeline effortlessly, without the need for coding.

  • Diverse Applications: Obsrv empowers use of data across a spectrum of scenarios, including real-time applications, ensuring organizations stay ahead in the era of rapid data-driven decision-making.

  • Freedom: Obsrv uses open technologies & formats and its core engine is fully open source, guaranteeing zero lock-in and complete freedom to operate & exit.

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