How to participate in Obsrv community

Welcome to our Community Section!

Welcome to our community section dedicated to leveraging the power of Obsrv core capabilities, services and technologies used. This document serves as a guide for community members on how to effectively use our GitHub, Discord & Jira platforms to contribute to our projects and engage with the community.

Getting started

1. Explore Our GitHub Projects and Discussions

If you haven't already, Explore our GitHub repositories and Discussions. This will give you access to our repositories and allow you to contribute to our projects and discussions.

2. Explore Our Projects on Jira

Visit our Jira workspace to explore our projects, track issues, and contribute to discussions.

3. Join our Group on Discord

Join our discord channel to initiate or contribute to any discussions and raise/report issues.

How to Contribute

1. Forking and Cloning Repositories

Fork the repository you want to contribute to on GitHub, then clone it to your local machine using Git. This allows you to work on the codebase locally.

2. Making Changes

Make the necessary changes or additions to the codebase on your local machine. Ensure that your changes adhere to our coding standards and guidelines.

3. Submitting Pull Requests

Once you're done making changes, push your commits to your forked repository on GitHub and submit a pull request to the original repository. Provide a clear description of your changes and reference any related issues.

4. Participating in Discussions

Engage with the community by participating in discussions on GitHub discussions, Discord channel or Jira tickets. Share your ideas, ask questions, and provide feedback.

Connect with Us

Stay updated with the latest news and announcements by following our announcements.


Thank you for being a part of our community and contributing to our projects. Together, we can achieve great things through collaboration, innovation, and teamwork!

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