Key Capabilities

Key Features to orchestrate the data value chain

Functional Capabilities

Following are the key functional capabilities of Obsrv across the data value chain. All the capabilities highlighted with blue are available and orange will be available in future releases


Connectors Framework

Connectors Library

CSV, JSON Data Formats

Parquet, Avro, Protobuf Dataformat

Auto-Schema Detection

Schema Evolution

Schema Agnostic

Multiple Validation Modes



Custom Transformations

Masking & Encryption

Jsonata and SQL Transformations

Multiple Storage Types

Data Lake & LakeHouse

Real-time OLAP Storage: Optional

Archival & Retention Policies

Data Exhausts

Right to be forgotten

Aggregate tables

SQL, JSON, & Spark Interfaces

Time Zone Configuration

Geo-spatial Queries

Data Aliases

Query Access Control

Sink Connectors

Infra Capabilities

And following are the capabilities provided by the overall infra:

Infra Capabilities

Complete Monitoring Alerts & Notifications Infra Operations

Dataset Management Connectors Management System Configuration

One-click Install Backup and Restore Auto Scaling API Management

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