Folder Struture

On Demand Druid Exhaust Job Service folder structure is designed to organize the different modules and files. It follows a modular approach, facilitating easy management and development of the service.

The structure is as follows

├── main    
│   └──  exhaust
│       ├── OnDemandBaseExhaustJob.scala
│       └── OnDemandDruidExhaustJob.scala
└── Test    
    └── exhaust
        └── TestOnDemandDruidExhaustJob.scala


This main directory houses our On Demand Druid Exhaust data-product. The OnDemandDruidExhaustJob.scala file contains main method which internally triggers other functions. OnDemandBaseExhaustJob.scala file contains generic functions such as execution, data transformation, storage in blob storage, and retrieval of file paths.


In the exhaust folder we have the main test case file called TestOnDemandDruidExhaustJob.scala that is used to test our data-product.

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