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Sunbird Obsrv comprises several pluggable tools and microservies that come together to enable observability features on any platform/solution. This includes the ability to capture granular events via telemetry, create measures, and observe various events/actions carried out by the system/users/devices (like IoT devices) on any platform/solution. Sunbird Obsrv can be utilized as an independent building block by adopters or as part of a system that employs other Sunbird building blocks. Sunbird Obsrv comes with a set of microservices, APIs, and some utility SDKs to make it easy for adopters to rapidly enable powerful data processing and aggregation infrastructure to process telemetry data, validate telemetry stream data, as well as aggregate and generate actionable insights via APIs. It also has built-in open data cataloging and publishing capability. It is built keeping extensibility in mind, so that adopters have the flexibility to adapt the telemetry and tools to their specific use-cases.
Sunbird Obsrv is a combination of various tools which provide the capabilities such as streaming, processing and storage of telemetry data and deriving reporting insights from the data.
By configuring the tools based on the requirements at hand, Sunbird Obsrv can be effectively used to enable observability and measurement across a wide variety of solutions. Various possibilities here could include:
a. Generation, collection and processing of system data (what happened, when, and how) from activities happening on remote locations such as a satellite
b. Collection of survey data from a nationwide health survey to create a national health index and establish how various states stand with respect to it.
c. Monitoring telecommunication data across systems, when instrumented to generate appropriate data
d. Track uptake and progress data from a platform to gauge program roll-out and success rates
The generation of all necessary data for measurements, its streaming, processing and storage for consumption is what enables observability and trackability in a seamless manner.

Key capabilities that Sunbird Obsrv can enable:

Flexible Data Model Specification to adapt to any domain: Derive insights to understand user behaviour and preferences, improve products, etc. by capturing user interaction & system data according to flexible specifications defined by you.
Data collection at scale: Stream and store the telemetry data efficiently using an out-of-the-box design that decouples data generation systems from the data processing systems , and is optimised for scale.
Easy integration with Cloud providers: The analytics platform is cloud agnostic and can be easily deployed onto any of the popular cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform.
Streaming/Batch data processing: Perform real-time data processing i.e. cleaning & transforming according to reporting needs, along with addition of metadata of various entities such as user, device and content - as required.
Build fast, scalable data analytics: Perform advanced analytics & reporting in near real-time by running queries on both the telemetry data and summarized data that is loaded into an analytics data store.
Readymade metrics & Downloadable data: Derive insights quickly, from pre-defined summary metrics such as time spent in a session, time spent on a content etc. Also get access to raw/ summary datasets via APIs for further need-based analysis.
Enabling observability on Sunbird - watch the video here
Sunbird Obsrv is leveraged in DIKSHA - Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing, the national school education platform of India.
Contributors: EkStep