Sunbird Telemetry

Sunbird Telemetry is a specification to instrument all the key events. Using this specification reference applications & services will generate telemetry events.

Resolution : Obsrv as a building block serves to collect and process telemetry. Just like it works with the Sunbird telemetry spec, it can work seamlessly with any spec that a system may adopt as its choice of reference. The events generated will be in accordance with the spec of choice, and Obsrv can carry out validation and aggregate telemetry accordingly.

Sunbird Lern

The User and Org service of Sunbird Lern is used for obtaining various metadata about the user - including fetching user roles & privileges to authenticate exhaust requests.

Resolution: Obsrv uses the meta data provided by the Lern building block in order to gather user data. An alternate service can be used in place of L_ern_ to make this data available to Obsrv as well.

Keycloak & Kong


Resolution :

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