Obsrv 2.1.0

Release Date - 31st Aug'23



  • [Enhancement] Obsrv Query Wrapper APIs Implementation #OB-543

  • [Enhancement] Data Exhaust API Implementation #OB-544

  • [Enhancement] Configure the Obsrv superset to use the Obsrv meta APIs #OB-545

  • [Enhancement] Datasource API enhancement to validate the Ingestion spec #OB-546

  • [Enhancement] Wrapper API Implementation to support the Ingestion spec submission #OB-547

  • [Enhancement] APIs Data IN/OUT Metrics Generation #OB-548


  • [Devops] Enabling the labels for all the services #OB-549

  • [Devops] Configure the obsrv to run with MinIO object store #OB-550

  • [Devops] Support on multi channel alerts #OB-551


  • [Documentation] Open source Documentation Update On MinIO support #OB-552

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