Product Roadmap

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Release-5.2.0 (Planned release date - 27 Mar '23)
​Click here to see the list of issues planned for SB Obsrv release 5.2.0
Release-5.1.0 (Planned release date - 04 Nov'22) - Projects
Project : Enabling ease of adoption
Task : One click install enhancements
a. Include the data products (work flow summary) as part of the one-click installer package. These allow for easy generation of common summaries once raw telemetry is generated by the adopter.
b. Include a sample data set and some pre-configured charts as part of the one-click installer package so that an adopter trying it out can get a feel of the types of charts that can be generated, and the kind of data required to be generated for this purpose.
Project: Enabling ease of adoption
Task : Additional documentation
Additional pending Sunbird Obsrv documentation work
Project: Enabling ease of adoption
Task: Creation of a Learning module for Sunbird Obsrv
Compile existing learning resources/ create new resources in order to put together a learning module/ course that will allow a developer to get familiar with the Obsrv building block, and potentially get "Obsrv certified" by earning a certificate after taking an assessment.
4.10.0 : Planned for 06 Jun '22
1. Functional Requirements: 4.10.0
- API level accsess to data files that power the reports and charts on the portal
- Ability to configure Sunbird datasets as Public or Private at an instance level
- KT for indexing variables into Druid
2. Deployment and Release Processes: 4.10.0
Build, Deploy and provisioning scripts : refactoring of the provisioning and deployment scripts for the BB- Sunbird dev and staging environments will be repurposed for each BB. The deployment scripts need to be refactored to sandbox the environment on Kubernetes for Sunbird Obsrv BB. This will be done by deploying the services and components on Kubernetes onto a separate configurable namespace for Sunbird BB
5.0.0 : Planned for 19 Aug'22
1. One click mini installation of data pipeline components on Kubernetes: 5.0.0
- Currently not all components are deployed onto Kubernetes and it takes significant effort from the adopter to get all the components up and running. This capability will allow the adopter to quickly install required components on Kubernetes and have the entire analytics platform up and running.
2. Publish the minimum number of Kubernetes nodes required for one click installation: 5.0.0
- Analyse and publish minimum number of nodes required to get the analytics platform up and running on Kubernetes. Also, publish the mandatory components required to get the installation up and running.
3. Migration of API Swagger documentation to Sunbird Obsrv Building block pages: 5.0.0
- Migrate existing Sunbrid Swagger API for analytics API and data exhaust APIs documentation to Sunbird Obsrv Building block pages.
4. Multi-cloud support for blob store: 5.0.0
Update the framework, cloud-storage sdk, Secor and Flink checkpoints to work with GCP as well- Generalize the analytics framework, cloud-storage-sdk, Secor and Flink checkpoints to work with AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage and Google Cloud Storage- Add relevant configuration files required for the generalization
- Be able to deploy existing microservices into a different namespace (SB Ed)
1. Documentation to configure data exhaust reports using the APIs: Detailed explanation of the different sections of the configuration schema.
- Add documentation to explain the configuration schema for the various data exhaust report API
- Add detailed documentation on the usage of the APIs